Executive Director

Teresa Nielsen 

Teresa has been with NUKO since 2006. She has a background working with behavioral and neurological exceptionalities. Teresa has over 25 years experience working with youth as well as in management. She oversees  our centre here in Nanaimo 

Staff Supervisor

Samantha Hayes

Sam came to NUKO 2 years ago as a classroom lead. She stepped into her role quickly and efficiently. She was a community support worker for 2 years and managed a group home in courtenay for 3 years. Samantha has more than 9 years of experience in child and youth care.

Classroom Lead

Masja Knol-Harder

Masja came to NUKO after supporting youth in a group home for 5 years. She has a background in social services and has worked in private care for 3 years as well. This is Masja's 3rd year at NUKO. She brings creativity and has beautiful artistic abilities. Masja has over 12 years working with children and youth.

Classroom Lead

Genevieve Wagner (Genni)

This is Genni's 2nd year at NUKO. She successfully completed her Community Support and Education assistant course after being a TA for 2 years.  Genni came to NUKO as a practicum student and was hired as soon as she completed her course. Genni has 4 years experience working with children and youth with exceptionalites.

Classroom Support 

Laura Wicks

Classroom Lead

Jamie Black

Centre Manager

Erin Woods

Erin is a certified Community Support Worker and Educational Assistant. Her first experience at NUKO was in 2013 through a practicum. She gained great knowledge during tha time and joined the team as support staff that year. Over the past 6 years Erin has worked her way up into the management role and oversees the workings here at the Nanaimo Centre.

Classroom Lead

Cody Bowen 

This is Cody's 3 year with NUKO. He came to us as a practicum student while taking his Early childhood educator (ECE). Cody developed new skills and gained valuable knowledge during that time. He volunteered for 3 months after his practicum hours were completed. We are proud of his achievements it has been a joy to watch him grow into a strong member of our team.

Classroom Support

Kylie Witczak

Kylie has been at NUKO for 2 years now. She has worked with young children who faced neurological difficulties for 4 years. She specializes in early intervention and has ABA training. She has been trianed in all classrooms throughout our centre and is willing to help out wherever she is needed. Kylie has become an asset to our team.

Classroom Support

Carly Azyan

Carly worked at NUKO for 4 years previously. She took time off to be at home with her children. She  spent last year with NUKO and has returned again this year. Carly worked as an education Assistant in the school district for 6 years prior to joining NUKO's team. We are excited to have her with us.

Classroom Support

Kipp Schnell

Classroom Support/Early Intervention

Ashton Bowles

Classroom Support

Thomas Grenn

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