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Learning Center

The Learning Centre offers:

  • learning for intermediate and advanced students

  • smaller classroom

  • low 3:1 student to staff ratio

  • Direct support to accomplish assignments

  • Behaviour tools that encourage growth

  • Inclusiveness

  • Unique Friendship opportunities

  • Social skills cirriculum

  • Community outings

  • Follows school district 68 schedule


Behaviour Intervention

NUKO's Behaviour Intervention specializes in teaching children of all ages a variety of social, academic, and life skills in many different and engaging ways.  Behaviour Intervention uses many different teaching techniques including natural environment teaching, discrete trial teaching and positive reinforcement.  The program uses evidence-based practice and create goals that are appropriate and specific goals individualized to each child.  In this program each child has a 1 to 1 Behaviour Interventionist as well as our Board Analyst. 


Other Health Professionals

NUKO works with many different health professionals in our community.  Many of our students are seen by a Speech and Language Pathologist (SLP), Occupational Therapist (OT), Physiotherapist (OT), and/or Counsellors while they are at NUKO.  The professionals use our space, and our students get amazing service.  We are happy to connect our students to the many health professionals who provide service within NUKO's center. 


NUKO's story began in 2005 when a group of parents banded together to create a learning centre where their children could be successful. NUKO opened the doors to a centre offering low student to adult ratios and a safe, accepting environment featuring small class sizes and a caring team of support staff. 

Since these humble beginnings, NUKO has grown and expanded to accommodate the need for support in our community.  NUKO is able to provide support to children ages 2.5 - 19 who face neurological differences such as autism, downs syndrome, FAS and others that impact learning.

We provide support academically, recreationally, socially and behaviourally.

NUKO still maintains the standard set by those early families who see the importance of providing the very best for our Unique Kids

We are proud of our successes - we have seen students obtain their adult graduation and gain the skills needed to transition back into the public system. 

NUKO is a Not-for-Profit registered Canadian charity.

Lindsay - past NUKO student

NUKO's fantastic.  Every since I came here I've been much better with reading, writing, and everything. 
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